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Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport PPS Meet And Greet Services

Terms And Conditions

1. PPS provides a Meet and Greet, Valet Parking Service for Manchester Airport. Cars are usually transferred from an agreed collection point to a car park and then back to the Customer. PPS will make every effort to keep your vehicle within a secure environment; PPS accepts NO responsibility for damage caused by third parties during such time.



a.Meet and Greet Parking is a seasonal business, thus the conditions for Parking differ between the lull periods and busy times (mainly Summer, but include and not limited to Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays, etc) . During a busy period, or in exceptional circumstances (such as Staff shortage, etc), PPS reserves the right to use any parking space available at its disposal that it deems appropriate (at its discretion) in order to accommodate customers.


b.We are proud to state that in more than 18 years in business, PPS has never had an incident where a car is lost, stolen or criminally damaged. Safety and Security have been our priority which our customers can attest to.


c.For security reasons and based on police guidelines, we do not advertise the location of any of our Car Parks.


d.If you have any concern whatsoever, please ask for a full refund (up to 24hours before travel Date) and seek booking elsewhere.


2. We do use more than 1 car park (mostly in the busy summer season) so when we are full at the main car park, we may move cars to another car park which can put more miles on the clock but usually will not exceed 30 miles in the extreme. The additional car parks may not meet the same criteria in terms of surface, security, Park Mark or any other description. However, they are only used for a limited period (mostly, August and September) or under unforeseen circumstances.


3. Occasionally and especially in the busy periods, we do use a “Turn-around” parking facility that is close to the airport (within 1 mile).  The operational and timely requirements of the business dictate this need. It also reduced significantly any waiting time for picking up the vehicle or returning it to the customer as required by the nature of Meet & Greet and the restrictions imposed (from June 2018) by Manchester Airport on the waiting in the drop-off area (for instance, more 10 mins stay in the drop off area would cost £25).


4. Whilst the turn-around facility is a safe short-term parking area, the vehicle will not be there for more than the time necessary to move to our car park (normally within hours in the busy periods). That can only take place on the first day and the last 24 hours of the parking period, except where PPS have the wrong return date, or the customer flight is delayed, or other circumstances (such as road closure, weather conditions, etc.).


5. During the busy season or any other time throughout the year at our discretion, we do use alternative parking spaces available to PPS that is not part of our main car park (for example, the spaces allocated to our office, or under our control with the permision of the space owner or controller). This is strictly used for short-term, mainly business travellers of up to 3 Days and may be used for longer under certain cirumstances.


6. PPS cannot accept liability for damage to vehicles or property arising from Acts of God, Natural Causes, or any cause or event that is beyond our control, e.g. Mechanical or Electrical Defects, Key Fobs Batteries, etc.


7. Our drivers are instructed to disconnect any electronic equipments that may have a draining effect on the battery, these include (but not limited to) mobile phone chargers, ipods, etc, But especially dash cams and similar recording devices.


8. PPS will only accept liability where any damage is proved to have been caused by Negligence, Wilful act or default, or breach of a statuary duty. If liability is accepted, normal rules of Insurance will apply.


9. No liability will be accepted by PPS for internal damage as we would not carry out a check or internal conditions of the vehicle. No liability will be accepted for items left in the car including other keys attached to a ring. Neither will PPS accept liability for consequential loss pertaining to such items. It is also the client's responsibility to leave the chauffeur with the means of starting the car (Remotes) in the event of Battery Failure. The client will indemnify PPS for fines due to the condition or legality of the car.


10. Clients should inspect the car before taking possession. All claims are Null and Void when keys have left our possession. The average mileage for a care resulting from the necessary movement is between 6 and 10 miles. Cars in our possession will have no more than 30 miles on the clock.


11. Cars having valet service: If a child seat is strapped in we will NOT take the seat out to hoover or clean behind, because of repercussions in the event of an accident. If you require cleaning behind baby seat, you (the customer) must take the seat out and put in the boot in readiness for the valeters. We will do our best to clean around the child seat if it is left in.  


12. PPS reserves the right to cancel any booking at our discretion without notice. When we do so, we would refund the booking cost without any further liability.


13. Complaints Procedure:

General complaints should be sent to: [email protected]

Should your vehicle suffer damage? Immediately inform the Company’s driver before accepting the vehicle back at the terminal area. Signing for the return of your vehicle will void any claim.

Once we accept liability of the damage,  we normally request 3 or 4 different quotes for the cost of the repair before paying the lowest quote.

We reserve the right to organise for the repair to be carried out ourselves. This will be done by national recognized company to industry standards.